The clinic treats persons from 19 through 64 years of age with no medical insurance and no primary care provider.  We provide primarily non-emergency maintenance care of chronic illness, do checkups, dispense generic medications, provide lab testing, provide benefits counseling, enroll patients in the Prescription Assistance Program if needed, assist enrollment in the Affordable Care Act Insurance Exchange and Healthy Michigan and make specialist referrals for obstetric, dental care and sexually transmitted disease treatment and other care beyond our scope of service during medical clinic sessions.  In addition, we also offer  in-depth counseling (6 – 12 sessions) for our patients and on-going diabetic support workshops outside of the clinic sessions.

The pharmacy does not stock any controlled substance drugs, narcotics or any highly addictive drug of any sort.

We are open the 1st and 3rd Saturday (9 to noon) and the 2nd and 4th Thursday (6 – 8 pm) of every month for medical clinic with only a few date changes due to holidays or Ferndale city-wide events.  We are open the 2nd and 4th Wednesday evening for in-depth counseling. The diabetic support workshops are held the 1st Saturday of each month, noon to 1 pm. See the 2016 clinic schedule on the Clinic page.

Appointments and Information at 248-677-2273. All calls are returned within 24 hours.

The clinic is volunteer driven and staffed.  If you are interested in volunteering, go to the Volunteer page.


The mission of FernCare is to provide no-cost medical care to the medically uninsured and under-insured residents of Ferndale and surrounding communities.  Just a note: we are not seeing under-insured patients because we are so very busy with patients who have no insurance.  When we are able to see the under-insured, it will be noted on the website Home page.

The purpose is limited to those activities that are permissible for a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization as specified by the Internal Revenue Code.